Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. That experience becomes even more challenging if your partner or others close to you pressure you to have an abortion when you are uncertain about the decision.

Regardless of the pressure others may put on you, no one other than you has the right to decide about your pregnancy. That decision is yours alone.

Types of Pressure from Your Partner

The pressure from your partner to have an abortion can look different, depending on the situation and dynamics of your relationship. 

Your partner may take a passive-aggressive approach to try and push you into an abortion decision. If you’ve expressed uncertainty about abortion, they may respond by giving you the silent treatment, becoming moody, or implying they may not be involved with caring for a child. 

While this approach is subtle, it’s important to recognize that their behavior is manipulative and unhealthy. 

The opposite response is the direct pressure approach. In this case, your partner issues ultimatums, communicates they will leave the relationship, or even threatens physical harm if you continue the pregnancy. 

No matter the form of pressure, it is never appropriate. It intends to make you doubt yourself and your decision-making ability.

How to Respond

First and foremost, it is your body and future, which means you can make the best decision for you. 

So if you are feeling pressure from your partner to have an abortion, consider the following steps:

  • Protect Yourself: Your top priority is to keep yourself safe. If you are worried your partner may respond violently or engage in emotional abuse, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. If your partner is becoming violent and you fear for your safety, immediately leave the area and call 911. 
  • Set Boundaries: Make it clear to your partner that you will not be forced to make a rushed decision or a decision that you are not comfortable with. Stay calm but let them know that the final decision is yours and yours alone. 
  • Get the Facts: For your own health, it’s essential to understand all the details about your pregnancy and the available options. Being well-informed also empowers you to discuss your choices confidently with your partner. 
  • Find Support: If you or your partner get frustrated or you can’t reach an agreement, then it can be helpful to have a close friend, family member, or even counselor step in to be a third party that mediates a helpful conversation. 
  • Allow Time: Facing an unplanned pregnancy has likely made you feel overwhelmed and scared at times, and your partner can also have the same feelings. Give them time and space to process their feelings about the pregnancy and be available to answer additional questions they may have.

We’re Here to Help

The Salem Pregnancy Care Center team knows an unplanned pregnancy can feel even more overwhelming when your partner pressures you to make a certain decision. 

We are here to help.

Our free pregnancy testing and Limited obstetric ultrasounds can give you the facts you need while our staff can answer all your questions, let you know what options and resources are available to you, and provide tips for talking to your partner. 

Remember, it’s your body and health, and no one has the right to decide your future for you.

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