We encourage you to get the facts and answers to your questions, such as:

  • Am I certain I am pregnant?
  • How far along am I?
  • Have I considered abortion alternatives?
  • What are my options?

If you are thinking about having an abortion, it is important to visit the website and remember that abortion is a medical procedure. What type of abortion procedure will you have? What are the risks? For all the questions you have, Salem Pregnancy is prepared to offer non-judgmental understanding, and truthful answers. Call us today at 336-760-3680 to schedule a free pregnancy test appointment.

If you would like to talk to someone now, please call 1-800-712-HELP for OptionLine. OptionLine is a 24/7 help line  that connects you to someone who can answer your questions and help you think through all your options. You may also reach them online at optionline.org. 24-hours a day someone is waiting to listen to your concerns and offer understanding assistance.



  • Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, especially when it is unplanned. Salem Pregnancy offers a program called H.O.P.E. (Help Offered through Parenting Education) to qualifying candidates, that can assist you with the practical, and emotional needs you have during and after your pregnancy. As you attend classes and meet your specific goals, you will receive vouchers to redeem for the following: childcare items, maternity clothing, and other necessities such as diapers and wipes. HOPE is a place of acceptance and support. Click here for more information. Salem Pregnancy can also offer you recommendations for other community resources. We are here to help you realize that you are stronger than your circumstances.                    


  • Adoption is one of the most selfless decisions you will ever make. There are many forms of adoption that you can choose from: closed, semi-open or open adoption. Salem Pregnancy can provide the resources needed to assist you in determining what is right for you and your child.


  • Abortion is a surgical or medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. The decision to parent or not to parent can be overwhelming. You are not alone. A Salem Pregnancy trained volunteer can go over all your options with you as well as review a Health and Safety Checklist that will empower you to make an informed decision.


  • Our desire is for you to feel safe as you confide in one of our staff or trained volunteers. We are here to help YOU! For over 30 years, Salem Pregnancy has been offering non-judgmental support as we assist women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. We provide factual information and truthful answers. However, no matter how your boyfriend, husband, parents or friends react, its important to know your options and make your own decision. Please call today to make an appointment.

Salem Pregnancy does not perform or refer for abortion procedures.