Salem Pregnancy Care Center

Community Shopping Policies

What is it?
Salem Pregnancy offers free maternity and baby clothes (Preemie- 2T), diapers, wipes, formula, and more. Any expecting or current parent can come in and find the items they need. We have in-person shopping and curbside pickup for emergency packs. Once the baby is born and the client knows the diaper size needed, the client may call to request an Emergency Pack of diapers, wipes, and formula ONLY. If they need other items, they must make an appointment. Clients must only get the quantity allotment allowed each time they shop, but if we are running low on an item, we reserve the right to adjust the quantity allowed at any time.

Who’s Eligible, and when can I shop?
● ANY mother or father may shop once a month by appointment only.
● If client as not had their baby yet, they are ONLY eligible to receive free maternity clothes and baby clothes (If they know the gender). We only allow clients to get diapers, wipes, and formula AFTER the baby is born to ensure we have enough resources on hand for clients that are truly in need of those items for their babies.

How Do I Join?
If you are interested in shopping our community closet, please text or call 336.760.3680 or fill out the appointment form below.

What are the Benefits?
You are receiving 100% FREE baby items every month if needed. We love to help you pick out cute outfits and assist you with any items.

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