This program is designed to help teenagers recognize their talents as well as set goals for their future. Instead of teenagers making a decision in the present that could negatively impact their future, we encourage them to use their gifts in preparing them for life’s greatest challenges.

Teens Being the Change They Want To See

A Message from the Director, Dottie:

Through our community outreach program, Teens 4 Change, we tackle many of the subjects that face young people today. Our program is welcomed and highly regarded in the Winston-Salem, Forsyth County school system. We reach thousands of young people with a positive message every year with our medical presentations. Teens 4 Change is a grass roots movement that encourages teens to make good choices for their lives. We empower young people to lead lives of integrity by being leaders and not followers. We promote sexual integrity, accountability for one’s actions, and setting life goals in an effort to bring forth the change we want to see in this world!