Man to Man

What is It?

For every child, there is a mother and a father. But, unfortunately, society has slowly diminished the importance of a father’s role in their child’s life, and statistics show that it is wreaking havoc on our children and community. What do you wish your father would have done differently when you were growing up? Now is your chance to be the dad you wished you had growing up.

At Salem Pregnancy, we believe in empowering mothers to be the best they can be, but we also believe in empowering fathers to be the best fathers they can be. So even if things did not work out for you and the mother, you still have a child to raise together, and we want to help you, parent or co-parent, well for everyone’s best interest.

Man to Man is a one-on-one mentoring program where you will be matched with a mentor to help you navigate the most important job you will ever have, being a father and bringing up a son or daughter that will be your legacy for generations to come.

Who’s Eligible?

Any expecting dad.

How Do I join?

Please contact or by calling 336-760-3680 if you are interested in being matched with a mentor.

What are the benefits?

Besides becoming the best dad, you can be, with the help of our male mentor leaders, you would be eligible for diapers, wipes, and formula each time you meet with your mentor. This would help to provide materially for your child. In addition, if you are a single dad without a mom in the Hope program, you would also be eligible for an in-person shopping appointment each month in our two baby boutiques to get baby items you need to support your child.

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