Post-Abortive? Has guilt or grief followed your abortion?
You no longer have to suffer in silence. We are here to help!

Her Choice to Heal (HCTH) is a program for women who are post-abortive and desire emotional and spiritual healing. In a safe and nonjudgmental setting, women receive compassionate understanding and are free to mourn the loss of their child and come to accept forgiveness.  The post-abortive woman not only receives closure from her loss, but also freedom from the deep emotional scars that have prevented her from being the person she was meant to be.

Many post-abortive women did not truly understand the implications of the decision they chose because they were not informed of all their options, or were deceived into believing misleading information. Some women, in other situations, knowingly chose to abort due to their circumstances. At the time, they thought abortion was their only choice. No matter what the reason may be, two lives were forever changed that day. Post-abortive women are all around us suffering in silence and living with the regret of that choice. Maybe you are one of these women or you know someone who is post-abortive and needs healing. Salem Pregnancy Care Center offers healing through our post-abortive bible studies. All groups or one-on-one studies are confidential.

Please do not suffer any longer; there is FREEDOM from this pain. You are not alone!

Please contact Dottie Powers at 336-760-3680 or email at csd@salempregnancy.org